Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you're heading to a baby shower, or have a new baby on the way and not sure what gift to get, we have some handmade items that might just do the trick. 

Meet Nelson and Sybil - sock monkey toys made from Donegal socks. Each monkey is kitted out in his or her sweater or handmade dress. It's also possible to have the child's or babies name embroidered onto the monkey to make it more special. Click here to head to the online store. 

We also have Edward the elephant - another sock friend made from Donegal socks. He has colourful cotton ears and a patch on his snout too. Click here to see Edward in our store. 

sock monkey toys    elephant sock toy



If toys are not what you are looking for, we also have some handmade blankets which are all knitted in Dublin. Again, we can personalize each blanket with the baby's name, dafe of birth and a cute symbol to add fun to it. If the baby has Irish and Canadian parents, we can also embroider both flags onto the blanket - this had been a very popular choice by gift-givers. 

handmade baby knitted blanket from ireland  Personalized Handmade Baby Blanket

You can find these items in the online store. Click here for more info. 



May 06, 2018 by Sinéad Clarke
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