The Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol that represents love, loyalty, and friendship. It's history dates back several centuries with it's history and folklore intertwined with the Claddagh village in Galway, Ireland.

Choosing The Perfect Claddagh Ring

Traditionally the early Claddagh rings were made of gold. Nowadays, there are many versions of the claddagh ring in a large variety of metals including more contemporary alternative metals. There are traditional design versions of the Claddagh as well as more relevant and modern comtemporary designs that have been stylized to reflect current fashions and trends.

The design of the Claddagh features three key elements:
Hands: Two hands holding a heart. These hands symbolize friendship and togetherness.
Heart: A heart held by the hands. The heart symbolizes love
Crown: A crown placed on top of the heart. The crown represents loyalty and fidelity.

How To Wear A Claddagh Ring

On the right hand with the heart facing outward: 
This signifies that the wearer's heart is yet to be won.

On the right hand with the heart facing inward: 
This indicates that the wearer's heart is taken.

On the left hand with the heart facing inward:
This represents that the wearer is engaged or married.

The Claddagh symbol continues to hold a special place in Irish culture and remains a popular piece of jewellery with a rich history and meaningful symbolism.

Symbolism & Significance

The Claddagh symbol quickly became a popular symbol of love and connection in Irish culture. It was often exchanged as a token of affection between lovers, given as a gift between friends, or even passed down through generations as a family heirloom.

Its popularity extended beyond Ireland, gaining recognition as a distinctive Irish cultural emblem around the world.

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August 26, 2023 — Sinéad Clarke