Ireland's Eye - Irish Knitwear, Stocked at Irish Design House

We are so thrilled to be adding another established Irish brand to our Toronto store. Ireland's Eye Knitwear focuses on the Traditional Irish Knitwear in Men's, Women's and Homeware collections. Their beautiful knitwear will be arriving with us from October onwards. We have added the items to the online shop, so you can keep your eye on them and know when they have arrived.

Some garments will be available in a single colour, others will have a number of options to choose form. 

What we are most excited about are the Traditional Irish Aran Hat and Scarf Sets for men and women and also the Traditional Irish Aran Throw's. These have also been added to the online store for a pre-viewing, so head over and check them out!! Follow the links and you can see for yourself. 

Traditional Irish Aran Throw Traditional Irish Aran Hat and Scarf Set

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