Electronic Sheep Scarves Now Available At Irish Design House

We are so thrilled to be stocking the highly creative collection by Dublin based duo: Electronic Sheep. The brand has been creating knitwear for 21 years and to celebrate their success, they have released a new collection with their favourite designs from over the past number of years. This collection arrived in-store today, lots of bandana scarves and large bandana (triangle shapes) too. We have some really great sailor scarves which are so unusual and funky. 

Sailor Style Merino Scarf Large Triangular Bandana Scarf

Pop in and see what you think for yourself. They truly are very unique designs. 

Fall Irish Knitwear Collection

Great news!!!! 

Our knitwear collections for Men and Women are arriving to us here at the store this month and will continue to come all through the Fall and Winter. 

Our knitwear is 100% wool - always. Some are cashmere and merino blends, some are virgin wools, some are Donegal blends. All sweaters and cardigans are made in Ireland. We buy from three different Irish brands from different parts of the country. 


Online Shopping For Best Irish Knitwear Wool Sweaters

The pieces that have arrived are already listed on our website and those still to come have also been added, but with the tagline COMING SOON. As soon as they arrive, we will remove the tagline so you know they are in stock. Limited run of each style so if there is something that really catch your eye, be sure to pop into us or order online!!! We also offer a layaway service so ask us about this the next time you're in the 'hood. 



Sewing School

We have just listed out schedule of sewing and knitwear classes for January to March on our website so take a look and feel free to get in touch if you wish to book a class. We look forward to hearing from you. :-)