Sewing Classes at The Irish Design House, Leslieville, Toronto

We run a series of sewing classes at the store's own sewing school called "The Green Seam"

Classes are taught on a one-to-one basis / $35 per hour inclusive of sample materials and equipment. 


Hour of operation:

Monday / CLOSED 

Tuesday /  9am - 11 am AND 6pm - 8pm

Wednesday / 9am - 11 am AND 6pm - 8pm

Thursday / 9am - 11 am

Friday / 9am - 11 am

Saturday / 11am-1pm and 1:30pm - 3:30pm and 4pm - 6pm 


We also have a drop-in service coming soon. This  means that you will have access to a sewing machine and all the equipment in the studio, without teaching, at a hourly and daily rate. You must book 1 class prior to becoming a member of this service. More info to follow. Hope to have this open by May 2016. 


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