Handmade Valentine's Gift Ideas at the Irish Design House

It's that time of year when V-Day is looming and we all become flustered as to what to get for our significant other. We, at the IDH, want to share our favourite items with you and some ideas that might just do the trick! 

All of these items have been made by hand with LOVE, the most important part. Buying a handmade gift supports the hundreds and thousands of artisans around the world that work at their craft as their full time work. All our artisans are based in Ireland (with the exception of the Tea-Shirt brand and Fada clothing brand that are our own in-house labels). So when you choose something you LOVE for the one that you LOVE, we LOVE it too. We hope you like these ideas ... 

1. Succulent planter pot, porcelain pot decorated with 22k gold $42
2. Slate cheeseboards - square or circle $93
3. Selection of Toronto tote bags $23
4. Traditional Irish tweed caps $68
5. Edmund McNulty Mens Knitwear $355
6. Fisherman Out Of Ireland Sweater. $289
7. A selection of uni-sex Toronto t-shirts. $29
8. Leather accessories from Dublin. $80 - $115
9. Artisan chocolate, assorted flavours $7
10. Porcelain mugs adorned with gold. $49
11. Ladies alpaca knitwear. $355
12. Natural beeswax solid uni-sex perfume. $42

All of the above items are available at our store. We can assist you to choose the perfect gift and wrap for you for the one you love. 


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