At the Irish Design House, we stock artisanal work in the fields of pottery, weaving, silversmithing, soap-making, tailoring, screen-printing, carving, sewing to name but a few. All work is hand-crafted by over 65 Irish designer-makers from all areas of Ireland, from all walks of life, from their homes or studios to our store in Toronto. They dedicate their life to their craft and sell to stores such as ours. 
We, the owners of the store are also Irish designers and are now proud to be designing and making our own products right here in Toronto. Sinéad, a fashion designer, produces "FADA" at the studio located at the store, while her partner Benny designs his t-shirt and tote bag range in-house. @fada_clothing and @justbenny23. We hope you enjoy reading about our incredible designers. 
Made With Love Irish Design House

Jo Brown Solid Perfume by designer Joanne Browne

Joanne Browne is the founder and creator of Jo Browne Natural Solid perfume. Since qualifying as a reflexologist and holistic therapist 10 years ago her passion has been essential oils and she completed an aromatherapy course to learn more about these wonderful natural products.

"Discovering what I felt was a gap in the market for something new, gentle and convenient in fragrance, in 2013 I chose to follow my dream and use my passion to create sensual, stimulating solid fragrances. From hard work, experience and trial and error Jo Browne Natural Solid perfume was created."

All of the fragrances are individually handmade using organic beeswax and essential oils, a process which takes up to 6 months. The bamboo tube packaging not only looks really attractive, but is natural, ecological and from a sustainable source. We currently have three solid fragrances available for purchase for the female market and two fragrances for men. 

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Jo Browne Solid NAtural Beeswax Perfume



Scribble + Stone by designer Jenny Kiernan, Dublin. 

Scribble & Stone is a contemporary fine and fashion jewellery label by Irish designer Jenny Kiernan. The name signifies the fact that every design begins with a drawing, a "scribble" and the "stone" refers to gemstones which are an important component in many of her pieces.
Jenny loves mixing lots of different materials so within her range you will find leather, metal (both precious and plated), gemstones, Italian cut glass, rubber and even laser cut perspex! Contrast is a key theme seen by mixing shiny against matte textures or soft drapey textiles with hard geometric lines.

Jenny Kiernan, Scribble + Stone, Irish Design House Toronto  



Conor Lynch Woodturning by designer Conor Lynch, Co. Offaly. 

Conor Lynch is a woodturner based in County Offaly, Ireland. He is the youngest of our artisans, still in University. Now in his 3rd year of a Mechanical Engineering degree in NUI Galway, he divides his time between running his business and studying for his degree.
At the age of 11, Conor had his first experience of woodturning, by making a candleholder in woodwork class. After this experience, he invested his confirmation money in a woodturning lathe. He is largely self-taught, having learned many of the techniques for woodturning from magazines and YouTube, but he has also had some exposure to some of the best woodturners in Ireland.
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Conor lynch Woodturning, Irish Design House, Toronto
Dalkey Handmade Soaps by designer Val Reid, Co. Dublin. 
Val began making natural soap in 2013 with a desire to use only natural products on her family’s skin. She had always been a big fan of natural food and healthy eating, so she felt that soap was the next logical step.
"I believe it’s so important to use only natural ingredients; butters, natural colourings and pure essential oils. I make my soap in small batches, hand
cut and cure them for at least 4 - 6 weeks using the traditional ‘cold process’ method." As a result, her soaps are creamy and naturally rich in glycerin - a
rich emollient for the skin. 
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Dalkey Handmade Soaps, Irish Design House, Toronto