Welcome to our very own in-house sewing and design school, The Green Seam. Here you can take classes to learn the basics of machine sewing, pattern drafting and garment construction. Classes are mostly on a one-on-one basis but we can also accommodate larger classes. Bring a friend and you will both receive a special discount. Each student will work on their own individual project and receive one-on-one attention. We also have a co-work space that operates from 11am - 6pm


CLASSES (Book a class)

Kids and Teen Camps - (Summer, Half-Term)

kids beginner sewing classes and summer camp toronto


Stitch and Bitch Ladies Sewing Group - evenings throughout the year

beginner sewing classses in leslieville toronto


Introduction to machine knitting and knitwear - ongoing classes

beginner machine knitting classes and workshops toronto

Classes are generally held in the mornings and evenings at the design studio at the store. 

Private classes:

A private class means you can book tuition with us at any of the following times. A session is 2.5 hours and costs $100 all inclusive. Choose a time(s) that suit you from the schedule below. You can book one session or ten, the choice is yours. 

Tuesday: 8:30am - 11am and 6pm to 8:30pm

Wednesday: 8:30am - 11am and 6pm to 8:30pm

Thursday: 8:30am - 11am and 6pm to 8:30pm              

Friday: 8:30am - 11am and 6pm 

If you would like to book a sewing class with us, but the times mentioned do not suit you. Please get in touch and we can arrange a time as long as we have up to 48 hours notice. 


Kids + Teen Summer Camps

Specific times are allocated and are listed on the website. If you would like to organize a session, we need a minimum of 6 students to book the time. Then you can choose any day that suits you with 48 hours notice. 


Co-Work Space  (book time in our co-work space)

Our co-work space allows designers, beginner sewers and hobbyists to avail of the space, equipment, machinery, threads and scrap materials to practice their sewing skills and work on their designs. The space is mainly used in mornings and night time to teach sewing classes and used as my own personal studio, so during the day is is available for use as a co-work space. The fee is $20 for a half day (1-3hours) and $35 for a full day (3-7hours). This covers wear on machines, insurance, and wifi. We have sewing machines, domestic sergers, a large pattern drafting table, an industrial serger, two industrial sewing machines, two domestic knitting machines, a hand linker machine (for knitwear) and lots of tape measures, scissors, rulers etc. 

Materials are not included. There are many baskets of fabric here that you can practice on as they are scraps / left-overs. There are fabrics for purchase at cost price if you wish, $6-$20/yard. Otherwise, please feel free to bring your own. 

On your first visit to the studio, you will be shown all the equipment and what you can avail of. It is taken for granted that you will have respect for the space and the equipment. (You break it, you pay). There is a washroom, and a small tea/coffee making area. You are welcome to bring your lunch and eat at the studio, but please discard of any left-over food. 

The idea behind this space is to encourage people to sew, learn a new skill, mend your clothes that you love so much and have fun. If you are in-experienced, sign up to take a class and then practice in the space to prefect your skills, then take another class. 

You can "drop-in" to the co-work space, but if you wish to call / email ahead of time, you can book the machine of choice and have it allocated for the day. 4165655505 or hi@theirishdesignhouse.com

Tuesday to Saturday 11-6 


For more information, or to enquire about booking a class, please contact Sinéad via the CONTACT US page, or email hi@theirishdesignhouse.com 


If you are interested in renting the space to host your own workshop or booking a group class for a girls day / party, please get in touch and this can be arranged ahead of time. 



Classes must be paid for in advance. You can pay 50% deposit by e-transfer and the balance prior to the class. Payments can be made by Cash or E-transfer to sineadclarke.sc@gmail.com. If there is time available on the schedule, then we will allocate this time for your class. Classes can be pre-booked in advance and must be paid for. 



 1. Serging Workshop / One-on-one class / 1class (2.5hours) / $100 (book a class)

You will learn how to:

*thread your serger (if you do not have one, we will practice on the one we have here at the studio.

*serge some different weights of fabrics, serge straight lines and curves

*use the serger as a three thread and a four thread serger

*learn about all the different skills / techniques you can create using a serger

*answer any questions you have about serging

*industrial and domestic serger available at the studio

*bring a friend and you both save off the total cost 


2. Sewing Workshop / One-on-one class / 4classes (10hours) / $400 (book a class)

You will learn how to:

*thread and sew on the sewing machine

*learn how to sew a seam, a hem and other basic sewing essentials

*design a simple garment

*draft a pattern specific to your measurements

*cut out the pattern on fabric

*sew together your fabric pieces to assemble your garment

*learn how to correctly finish and press your garment

*answer any questions along the way

*this garment and pattern is yours to take home after the 10hours

*mix and match your ten hours from the timetable provided above

*bring a friend and you both save off the total cost 

(you can add hours if you wish or take an additional workshop if you are enjoying the process and wish to learn more. 10hours is the minimum amount of time to learn a little about each of the processes and construct a simple garment from scratch. This is a wonderful and enjoyable course).

Sewing School Toronto


3. Machine Knitwear Workshop / One-on-one class / 4classes (10hours) / $400 (book a class)

You will learn how to:

*cast on and cast off stitches on a knitting machine

*we have two machines at the studio so you can use both and see their differences

*design a simple garment / accessory such as a shawl or scarf

*choose your yarns from the yarns provided that suits your design

*learn how to create stripes, lace, fairisle and other interesting knit textures

*create your vey own one-off original on the knitting machine

*finish your piece using fringing, hand knit or embellishment

*bring a friend and you both save off the total cost 

(you can add hours if you wish or take an additional workshop if you are enjoying the process and wish to learn more. 10hours is the minimum amount of time to learn a little about each of the processes and knit a simple garment from scratch. This is a wonderful and enjoyable course. No prior experience required as you will be taught everything each and every step of the way)

Sewing School Riverside and Leslieville


4. Sewing Class / One-on-one class / 1classes (2.5hours) / $100 (book a class)

*perfect for a beginner who wants some basic instruction

*if you need help threading your machine or want to quickly brush up on your skills

*enough time to ask questions and learn something small without investing in the cost of a full workshop

*learn how to sew a button, turn up a hem and mend broken seams




Our students at work during their classes :

sewing school toronto

 sewing students, co-work sewing space toronto