Welcome to our Stitch and Bitch Sewing Nights. This is a fun and light-hearted way to meet new people, learn a new skill and be creative. Classes are held in the evenings at the studio at the store with small groups of up to seven or eight people.

Stitch and Bitch Sewing Nights, Leslieville, Toronto   Pics from one of our Stitch and Bitch Sessions. 


BYOB. Bring some vino / beer if you like. We will share it out over the three weeks. Let's have some fun.

This time, classes are $145. No experience necessary (but if any of the previous girls wish to return, we can work on something more difficult).

Location: Studio at the Irish Design House, Queen & Broadview. (click for directions)

Time & Date: February: Tuesday 13th, Tuesday 20th + Tuesday 27th. 7:00pm - 10:00pm. 

March: Tuesday 6th, Tuesday 13th + Tuesday 20th. 7:00pm - 10:00pm

April: No classes in April

Class 1: Intro to sewing and becoming familiar with the sewing machine. Begin  drafting a paper pattern for our skirt design. Select fabrics we wish to use for the design. 
Class 2: Complete drafting the pattern. Choose fabric and cut out all fabric. Begin sewing together.
Class 3: Continue sewing pieces together. Add any hand-sewing details.

I will assist with everything along the way. If you would like to keep it simple that's great, if you want to make it more complex that's also great, but this will take more time.

Sign up now to book your place.

Payment: e-transfer to sinead clarke.sc@gmail.com ($145)

When payment has been received, your place is booked.
Max. 7 students.


If you would like to attend this session but would rather make something else, you are welcome to attend and I will gladly help with your own ideas.

Some pics and ideas below for inspiration. Please feel free to ask questions on this page and add your own inspiration / ideas. Great pics on Pinterest and Instagram.