10 Hour Knitwear Workshop


Machine Knitwear Workshop / One-on-one class / 4classes (10hours) / $500

You will learn how to:

*cast on and cast off stitches on a knitting machine

*we have two machines at the studio so you can use both and see their differences

*design a simple garment / accessory such as a shawl or scarf

*choose your yarns from the yarns provided that suits your design

*learn how to create stripes, lace, fairisle and other interesting knit textures

*create your very own one-off original on the knitting machine

*finish your piece using fringing, hand knit or embellishment

(you can add hours if you wish or take an additional workshop if you are enjoying the process and wish to learn more. 10hours is the minimum amount of time to learn a little about each of the processes and knit a simple item from scratch. This is a wonderful and enjoyable course. No prior experience required as you will be taught everything each and every step of the way)