Accordion Mask With Filter Pocket + Nose Wire (Elastic Around the Head)

$15.00 $20.00

At the checkout, please tell us if your order will be worn my males / females or if it is a mixed order. This helps us choose colours and patterns. You can also tell us a colour preference and we will do our best to select a mask that suits your requirements

Each mask has a pouch to interest a filter fabric such as industrial paper towel or tissue, or a medical grade filter. (We also have filters available in-store). It has a nose pinching wire which allows the mask fit closer around the nose.
The colours will vary from the photograph. All accordion masks are this shape and this style has elastic that goes around the head. 

Masks are already sewn and packed, so when we receive your online order, we will choose from the current stock. We are no longer making new colours. You can of course choose your own colour in-store. 

When you get to the checkout, there is an option to pay by credit card or e-transfer. We would prefer e-transfer if possible as this way we won't incur transaction charges. We are hand-making all these masks and really appreciate your support. Thank you. 

When you receive your mask, it is recommended that you wash it as it has been handled during the production process. Do not tumble dry. Hand washing is fine. 
100% cotton fabric.

How to wear:
To put on this mask, you hold the two elastics together and place over the head. The shorter elastic sits around the back of your neck while the longer piece rests at the back of your head, above your ears. (Do not use on iron on the elastic as this will melt and snap it. Tumble dryer heat will also snap the elastic.) This is a great alternative to the ear-loop mask as it will not cut your ears. 


Please note these masks are NOT medical grade masks. They are not direct substitutes for N95 surgical or procedural masks. However if used correctly, they can help reduce person-to-person droplet transmission of the virus. Please practice proper hand hygiene and social distancing.