Irish Wool Socks


Cottage Sock:

We have a number of different sock options available at our store. Our best selling sock is the "Cottage Sock"

50% Wool 50% Thermal.

Machine washable. 

Three sizes. Unisex sock. Assorted colours. 

Small = size 4 - 7 approx. // Medium = size 7 - 9 approx. // Large = size 8 - 12 approx.

When ordering online, please mention your colour preferences and we will match as close as possible. There is a space on the checkout page to leave some comments. We will do our best to match your preference to the colours we have in stock at the time of ordering. Thank you. 

Typically Small and Medium are womens' sizes and large would be a mens' size, but of course this may vary. 


Tweed Sock:

We also have a higher wool content sock from the same company. 

80% Wool, 20% Nylon. Size Large (8-12 only.) Machine washable, do not tumble dry. 

Very warm comfortable sock. 

Large - 

  • Charcoal
  • Dark Blue
  • Forest Green


100% Merino Sock:

New to the store for 2017

Size Medium (4-8) and Large (8-12)

Medium -

  • Purple with Green Toe and Heal
  • Green with Purple Toe and Heal
  • Oatmeal with Charcoal Toe and Heal
  • Charcoal with Oatmeal Toe and Heal

Large - 

  • Forest Green with Oatmeal Toe and Heal
  • Oatmeal with Grey Toe and Heal
  • Dark Brown-Grey with Oatmeal Toe and Heal
If ordering online, please specify in the comments section what colours you prefer and we will add this to your order. Thank you. Any questions, please get in touch with us.