Apothecary Candles


beautifully packaged scented candle in a glass jar.

Size: 8.5cm x 8cm // Burning time: 40 hours

Available scents:

This candle has fragrant notes of wild florals including primrose, gorse and violet and essential oils of galbanum oil, blackcurrant absolute, buchu leaf oil & rose absolute. This scent really captures the native scent of Ireland.

This scent has notes of lavender, tumbled grass and spearmint and essential oils of lemon, orange, spearmint, camomile, basil, cedarwood and vetiver. This scent will have you feeling like you are in a field of freshly cut hay gathered together into glorious golden bales under the warmth of the summer sun. 

This scent has notes of ivy, rose and sloe and essential oils of cumin, neroli, orange and patchouli.  You will feel like you are watching green ivy twist and turn around the trees and gates with jewel like clusters of black fruit nestling in the dark leaves. 

This scent has notes of nettle, clover and thyme and essential oils of begamot, orange flower absolute and petigrain.  It will fee like the first light outdoors with the air sharp with the scent of roots and nettles, clover, wild thyme and lichen.

This scent is notes of Birch, Rose and Earth and essential oils of baies rose & incense, rock rose, cedar, amber, musk, vetiver, patchouli and vanilla. It will feel like you are around a peat fire unfurling tendrils of smoke and carrying the warmth of the distinctive aroma from the dying embers.

This scent has notes of geranium, fern & stone and essential oils of patchouli, geranium, lemon and vetiver. You will feel like you are falling asleep listening to the rain on your window.


Made in Ireland by Field Day.